How Hilton Grand Vacation Club Resales Work (Video)

Hi, My name is David Van Norman. I’m a licensed agent with Selling Timeshares, Inc. and today I’m here to chat with you about Hilton Grand Vacation Club Resales and how you can achieve the vacations you’ve been dreaming of but didn’t know you could afford. So let’s take a look…

What’s Hilton Grand Vacations Club?

  • HGVC was founded in 1992 as a subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide, and this unique vacation club seeks to maintain what the Hilton brand is famous for: no-compromise, high-end hospitality.

  • You’ll have access to over 45 Hilton timeshare resort locations and with the Hilton brand’s global reach…

  • You can count on luxurious resorts in the most sought-after locations with reasonable prices.

  • HGVC’s revolutionary points-based system affords you unparalleled flexibility by letting you choose different times of the year as well as your location and length of stay.

What Is An HGVC Resale?

  • When an existing owner wants to sell, they will list their ownership with a Licensed Broker.

  • The broker will market the account and earn a commission from the seller once they have successfully sold the ownership. As the buyer, you won’t have to pay the broker’s commission.

  • Keep in mind, resale ownerships are sold at current fair market value. This means that ownerships sold on the secondary market can be sold for up 50% less than what they are sold for at the presentations, making HGVC a much more affordable way of traveling.

How Does Resale Work?

  • Once you find the ownership you want, you’ll submit an offer and the broker will voice it to the seller.

  • The seller can then choose to decline, counter or accept the offer.

  • If the seller accepts the offer, contracts are signed and the Right of First Refusal process is started.

Tell Me More About Right of First Refusal

  • Hilton has the right to be the first to refuse the sale. This means the broker will submit the purchase agreement to Hilton and they will have the right to purchase the timeshare directly from the seller. If the price is deemed to be fair based on recent market activity, Hilton will not exercise their right to purchase the ownership.

  • This is why it’s extremely important to work with a knowledgeable Hilton reseller, to ensure your purchase can be successfully transferred. The price that Hilton will buy a property back for is based on the resort in question and it’s recent market activity. Any good Hilton broker can help you understand whether or not your transfer will go through based on what they’ve seen Hilton buy your resort back for recently.

  • The Right of First Refusal process is in place to maintain long-term value for Hilton’s owners. If an ownership is sold for below fair market value, Hilton will simply purchase the ownership back. This encourages buyers to pay a fair price for the ownership, and has historically been very effective at maintaining resale values.

What’s the Benefit of Resale?

  • It is estimated that about 50 percent of the price you pay at a presentation goes to cover the cost of the presentation model. The hard costs of presentations, such as sales commissions, expensive gifts and free trips cost a lot of money and you’ll end up paying those costs with the price of buying a timeshare. When that same property is sold on the resale market you’ll pay a price closer to the true fair market value of the ownership.

  • When buying on the the resale market, you’ll have the ability to select the resort that’s best for you from a huge number of listings, rather than only have the option of buying at the resort that you toured.

  • Presentations have become synonymous with high-pressure sales tactics, but it doesn’t have to be this way with resale. Shouldn’t shopping for your dream vacation be a fun and exciting experience?

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So to wrap up, Hilton Grand Vacations Club is an absolutely amazing way to travel in luxury and style, and timeshare resale can help you achieve the vacations that you’ve been dreaming of at a much more reasonable price.

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