How Borrowing and Banking Points Work With Marriott Vacation Club

Knowing the ins and out of managing points as a Marriott Vacation Club owner is extremely beneficial in getting the most out of an MVC vacation ownership. Learning all the possible options can help owners make the best decisions in regards to their points and subsequently book the best vacations for them and their families. Two of the most used management tools for points are borrowing and banking of points. Here is how borrowing and banking points work with Marriott Vacation Club.


If an owner find themselves unable to use their allotted points for the year, Club Points can be saved for later use during the next year. This is called banking. In order to bank points owners must elect to move their unused points at least six months after the beginning of their Use Year. For example, if an owner’s Use Year begins on August 1, 2019 any unused points must be banked by January 30, 2020. All banked points expire one year from the end of their original Use Year.


If an owner finds themselves lacking the necessary points to book a reservation they may choose to take points from a future Use Year. This is called borrowing. Once points are borrowed from another Use Year they can no longer be banked into a future Use Year or transferred to another owner. Borrowed Club Points will expire at the end of the Use Year they were borrowed into. For example, if an owner’s Use Year ends on July 30, 2020 then any points borrowed into that Use Year will expire on July 30, 2020. Future Club Points can be borrowed 25 months ahead of the current Use Year.


Owners may also elect to share their Club Points with other Marriott Vacation Club members. Any points that were transferred to another owner may not be banked, borrowed, transferred again, or redeemed for Rewards Points. Transferred Club Points retain the usage parameters of their original owners. 

Fixed and Floating Weeks

Owners of fixed and float weeks may bank their weeks by depositing them with Interval International (II). Once weeks have been deposited owners have two years from the date of deposit to use their deposited week. Similar to borrowing points, weeks may also be borrowed from the next Use Year for use within the current Use Year.

Marriott Vacation Club provides many options and flexibility for getting the most out of an MVC membership. With banking and borrowing, owners can ensure that they are able to book amazing family vacations for years to come. For any additional questions about how banking and borrowing points works with Marriott Vacation Club contact a Selling Timeshares representative today.