Bonus Time and Housekeeping Adjustments for 2012

Bonus Time and Housekeeping Fees for 2012

The 2012 WorldMark annual budget has been recently approved by The WorldMark Board of Directors and will cause changes to the Bonus Time feature and housekeeping. Reservations using the Bonus Time feature will increase slightly from $.05/credit to $0.052 per credit with a minimum of $40.00 USD for each night reserved. Housekeeping fees will follow the schedule below and a reassignment of housekeeping services must now be accompanied by a minimum of 5,000 Vacation Credits. This makes purchasing One Time Use WorldMark Credits on the resale market more attractive to those who would like to travel without interfering with their annual allotment of credits.

Housekeeping Fees Effective January 1, 2012

Housekeeping Fees Unit Types Housekeeping Fees Unit Types
Studio Hotel
Studio Compact– –
2 Bedroom Chalet
3 Bedroom
3 Bedroom Plus
3 Bedroom Deluxe
Studio Plus
Studio Deluxe
3 Bedroom Chalet
1 Bedroom Compact
1 Bedroom Compact Hotel
1 Bedroom Hotel
2 Bedroom Penthouse
2 Bedroom Presidential
1 Bedroom
1 Bedroom Suite
1 Bedroom Plus
1 Bedroom Deluxe
2 Bedroom Compact
2 Bedroom Hotel
3 Bedroom Penthouse
3 Bedroom Presidential
2 Bedroom
2 Bedroom Suite
2 Bedroom Plus
2 Bedroom Deluxe
4 Bedroom Penthouse
4 Bedroom Presidential
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