Hospitality: Hilton’s Secret Weapon

Although Hilton timeshares have changed dramatically through time, one can tell the company has maintained hospitality as their main ambition. Conrad Hilton, the founder of Hilton Worldwide, was quoted as saying his vision was to “Fill the earth with the light and warmth of hospitality”. In this article we’ll look at a few pieces of Hilton’s history to show why this company has grown to be the largest, most desired vacation ownership on the resale market.

Hilton’s Approach

In 1925, Hilton’s first high-rise is built in Dallas. The building was specifically engineered to place the guest’s rooms on the eastern side to avoid the sun’s heat from the west. Due to the fact that air conditioning wasn’t widely available until about 10 years later, Hilton knew they would need a smart solution to keep their customers cool. Hilton was also the first to install televisions in their hotel rooms in the mid 1940’s., something most take for granted today, but still consider a luxury item at the time. Hilton is synonymous with impeccable hospitality.

Hilton Vacation Ownerships offer the same hospitality that Hilton hotels are famous for, but at an even better long term price and many other additional timeshare specific Hilton Grand Vacations Club benefits.

hos-pi-tal-i-ty |häspiˈtalitē|

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The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests or visitors.



Relating to or denoting the business of entertaining visitors.


So What Does This Mean For You?

True hospitality could mean luxurious accomodations, excellent service or even just a warm welcome. To us, your vacations should heal you. Was it a mistake to call it the hospitality business? Take it from a well-versed traveler, the time we spend on recreation fuels our passions and allows time for reconnection to the things that matter most. The point is that vacations are attainable for you and your family, and you don’t have to take a second job to do it. Hilton resale has enabled tens of thousands of people affordable lifetime vacations at breath-taking resorts in some of the most sought after locations across the globe. What are you waiting for?

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