HGVC Resale, A Closer Look At Hilton Resales

HGVC Resale

HGVC resale timeshares has always offered impeccable travel accommodations, but recently has begun to offer the secondary timeshare market a cheaper way to access some of the most luxurious travel network available today at a huge discount. In the past 10 years, timeshare resale brokers have allowed literally hundreds of thousands of travelers to affordably attain life-long vacations at some of the most desirable timeshare locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and beyond.

HGVC (Hilton Grand Vacations Club) was founded in 1992 in Florida as a subsidiary of Hilton Worldwide, and seeks to maintain what the brand is famous for: a no-compromise, high-end hospitality service with good global coverage and reasonable prices. With Hilton’s revolutionary points-based system you’ll have the ability to book at over 45 Hilton timeshare resort locations, and you’ll have the flexibility to book different times of the year rather than be assigned a week number.

Why Choose HGVC Resale?

We are proud to specialize in the resale of Hilton Vacation Ownerships, not only because we have experienced the benefits that this particular club offers over many other timeshares, but we’ve had the pleasure of helping literally thousands of clients attain their vacation goals, and do it for less money than they ever expected. Our company’s founder and president, Seth Nock, has been a part of the HGVC resale industry since the late 90’s, and our company was finally incorporated in 2003. Seth has worked tirelessly to build the company, and has gained much notoriety for his honest dealings on popular timeshare forums, such as Timeshare User’s Group.

You can use our Hilton points charts page to find a detailed chart with information on how many points it will take to go to each resort during each season.

10 Reason Why You Should Buy An HGVC Resale

We also deal in many other timeshare clubs, so you can compare and contrast the different ownerships. The selection you can find in our inventory is something not offered at a presentation. While many of our clients end up choosing Hilton timeshares, even after browsing multiple types of timeshare resales from our inventory, we are proud to be able to offer many choices to the traveler.