How To Use The HGVC Open Season Program


Whether you’re visiting your home resort, or making a reservation anywhere else within the HGVC collection of resorts using your points, HGVC timeshares are known for being extremely flexible. In addition to utilizing your ClubPoints, you have the flexibility of taking last-minute trips without interfering with your annual allotment of ClubPoints. Learning how to use HGVC’s open season program will give you added flexibility when booking your short-term getaways.

HGVC-Open-Season-Snowflake-1When is “Open Season” Available?

Open season is available year-round for HGVC owners. Open Season begins 30 days prior to check-in for any resort within HGVC. This window of time gives last-minute travelers the option to make reservations at greatly discounted prices, as well as allowing owners to pay with cash. For those Hilton Grand Vacation Club members who still want to travel and book vacations without using up their current year’s Club Points or borrowing from future years, Open Season rates keep those traveling dreams alive and well.

Open Season rates are based on reservation season, unit size and the days of the week during the reservation. The chart below provides a clear and easy way to view the nightly rates.

Current Open Season Rates:

View Current Rates at the following link: 2017 Cash Rates

Nightly Rates (excluding tax)

Unit Size Sunday – Thursday Friday – Saturday Sunday – Thursday Friday – Saturday Sunday – Thursday Friday – Saturday
Studio $60 $80 $70 $90 $100 $120
Studio Plus $70 $90 $80 $100 $110 $135
Studio Premeier $80 $100 $90 $110 $120 $145
1 Bedroom $80 $100 $90 $110 $120 $145
1 Bedroom Plus $105 $125 $115 $135 $145 $170
1 Bedroom Premier $125 $145 $135 $155 $170 $195
1 Bedroom Penthouse $220 $240 $230 $250 $270 $290
2 Bedroom $105 $125 $115 $135 $145 $170
2 Bedroom Plus $125 $145 $135 $155 $170 $195
2 Bedroom Premier $150 $170 $160 $180 $195 $220
2 Bedroom Penthouse $265 $285 $275 $295 $315 $350
2 Bedroom Penthouse Premier $285 $305 $295 $315 $340 $375
3 Bedroom $160 $180 $170 $190 $200 $230
3 Bedroom Plus $205 $225 $215 $235 $245 $285
3 Bedroom Premier $235 $255 $245 $265 $280 $320
3 Bedroom Penthouse $310 $330 $320 $340 $360 $430
*Open Season Rental Rates for West 57th Street by Hilton Club are 35% less than the best available rate on and offered only to owners of a West 57th Street interval.**The Open Season discount for Elite status will applied at the time of booking

This information and pricing is subject to change.

How To Use Open Season

Utilizing Hilton’s open season program is as easy a making a phone call or reserving online. The process is similar to booking any other HGVC reservation. You can read our article covering How to Book Hilton Grand Vacation Club Reservations for more in-depth information.

Can I Use Hilton Open Season for Guests?

No, Hilton prohibits occupancy of these reservations by guests. Open Season reservations are designed for the sole benefit of owners alone. For this same reason, open season reservations cannot be rented.

HGVC-Open-Season-Snowflake-2What If I Want To Use My Club Points?

Open Season rates can only be purchased with cash and Club Points can only be used for Home Week reservations and Club Season reservations. Fortunately, last minute travelers can still make reservations with Club Points. Club Season begins 9 months prior and extends all the way to 1 day prior to check-in. HGVC members still have the option of using Club Points for last minute reservations but the discounted rates will only apply for Open Season.

What’s The Catch?

You must book a 2-night stay minimum for any RCI resorts, and a 3-night stay minimum is enforced for all other resorts.

Also, all reservations must be made beginning 30 days prior to your checkout date and up to one day prior to your check-in date.

Final Thoughts

Hilton Grand Vacation Club members can utilize Open Season as a very easy way to get great rates for last minute vacations that don’t interfere with their normally planned vacations. If you’re currently a member or thinking about becoming an HGVC owner, feel free to contact us for more information about Hilton Grand Vacation Club’s Open Season and ownership perks.

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