How Hilton Timeshare Maintenance Fees Work


Many are confused about what maintenance fees are, and how they work, when it comes to resale timeshare ownerships. They are a major factor in owning and enjoying a timeshare ownership with HIlton. Hilton timeshare maintenance fees are a part of every timeshare ownership but can differ between properties and timeshare brands.

Timeshare Maintenance Fees

Every year, an owner is required to pay a certain amount in fees to the property where they have an ownership. These fees are set up to ensure that the facilities are maintained and a renovation or improvement, when needed, can be afforded. As long as the title is in your name, you are responsible for these fees. If they are not paid to date, then the use of the property may be restricted.

The amount of the yearly maintenance fee will fluctuate and are not set. If a major renovation is going to take place, the fees may increase. If the property owners are trying to increase sales, the fees may drop. They can also vary based on the price of the ownership. A higher price could mean a lower maintenance fee. You can check out this list of  Hilton properties and prices to see the differences between the ownerships.

Maintenance Versus Taxes and Club Fees

Keep in mind maintenance fees do not necessarily include your taxes and club fees. All of these fees will need to be paid throughout the year to keep your HGVC account current, and may be billed in one, but it’s best to know that these are separate fees for separate purposes.

Hilton Timeshare Maintenance Fees and Resale?

These fees are the responsibility of whomever owns the ownership. If an owner sells their timeshare over the resale market to a third party, then the new buyer will take over the deed as well as the yearly fees, on top of the original purchase price. This may seem unfair to have a yearly fee on something that has been purchased for a substantial amount of money. These fees are how the individual properties maintain the high quality that is expected from visitors and owners, so they will need to be continually paid by whoever currently owns the timeshare.

If you have any other questions about maintenance fees, please feel free to contact us.