Hilton Timeshare Features

When buying their first ownership, our clients are amazed at all the different features and member benefits of the Hilton timeshare system. When comparing the cheaper vacation products sold currently to the robust offerings of Hilton, you can easily see why these accounts are much higher-end properties. With top-notch accommodations and unique ways to utilize your Hilton Club Points, the only real limitation is your imagination!

the features of Hilton timesharesHilton’s Own Resort Portfolio

Travel to any of the various Hilton timeshare resorts across the globe. These resorts feature in-suite accommodations that are similar to your home, but when you step foot out of your private villa, you’ll have immediate access to popular resort amenities such as large, centerpiece pools and jacuzzis, on-site marketplaces, and even playgrounds and game-rooms to keep the kids occupied.

Use Your Club Points

You may be surprised to learn that you can use your Hilton Club Points for a program called Guided Journeys, which offers literally hundreds of different types of adventures many other timeshare owners will never experience. These adventures includes whitewater rafting, kayaking, hiking trips, national park adventures and multi-sport adventures. You can even use your points to experience a safari, a cruise of the Rive Nile, explore the Mediterranean, or visiting Yellowstone. Think we’re joking? Check out our Hilton Adventures page.

Itching for a Cruise? With the innovative ClubPartner Perks you gain the opportunity to enjoy vacations aboard cruise ships, RVs, luxury houseboats, or even yacht charters and airline travel benefits.

Hilton’s Global Network

Hilton’s world-wide hospitality portfolio allows you to vacation with the finest of accommodations, service, amenities and value all throughout the world.

Hilton HHonors Benefits

The Hilton Honors program allows you to access Hilton’s worldwide collection of hotels. This has proven to be a very unique feature for the timeshare industry, even though many of the large hotel chains now own a timeshare club of their own.

Timeshare Exchange, Thousands of Possibilities

Hilton timeshares trade with both RCI, and the boutique exchange company, SFX. RCI has networked literally over 6,000 resorts together, which can be accessed by trading your Club Points. Because Hilton has first-rate trading power, you will have access to Gold Crown rated resorts in the system. Hilton’s tight integration with RCI means that your fees are already paid out of the regular maintenance fee (unique to Hilton, other developers have you pay out of pocket) and will perform RCI trading reservations in the Hilton reservations department so your trading experience will be as stress-free as possible.

If these features and benefits interest you, please feel free to browse the Hilton Resale Listings page for more detailed pricing information.