Hilton Grand Vacations Club The Power of HGVC Points

Becoming a member of Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) affords you many tools that help you experience your perfect vacations for a lifetime. Many owners absolutely love the flexibility of the HGVC points system, as Hilton timeshares allow you to choose between 45 locations across the globe. Just keep in mind, the more extravagant the vacation; the more time is required for preparation. The most popular locations and times of the year are most accessible when your plan as far in advance as possible, but HGVC points also allow for last minute trips and Hilton’s Open Season Program as well. You can find an overview of HGVC member benefits here.


ClubPoints represent the interest you own in HGVC. The more points you have, the more vacation time you have at your disposal. The amount of points you receive each year is determined by: the resort you’re deeded to, the season, and accommodation type owned.

ClubPoints are awarded on an annual basis and carry a corresponding expiration dates at the end of each calendar year. There are many options offered through Club membership, which are all based on the concept of using your ClubPoints as vacation currency that can be spent at any of the resorts in the Hilton timeshare resort network.

Stretching Your ClubPoints

In order to get the best value from your ClubPoints, Hilton offers various ways of stretching your points that help you to avoid losing them to expiration. The different options allow you to extend your ownership by saving points for a future vacation, accessing next year’s allotment of points, or convert to Hilton HHonors points.

HHonors Points

Converting your Hilton ClubPoints into Hilton HHonors Points is a great way to ensure the use of your points each and every year. With literally thousands of Hilton Hotels in some of the best locations across the world, availability is rarely an issue for a HGVC Points owner.

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