Hilton Grand Vacation Club Sales: Are Resales Cheaper?

When you think of Hilton Grand Vacation Club sales, you probably think of timeshare presentations. We would like to introduce you to the world of Hilton timeshare resale, where achieving your perfect vacation just became that much easier!

What Are Hilton Grand Vacation Club Sales?

All Hilton timeshares are sold from the presentations originally, but what happens when an owner wants to sell their interest in Hilton’s grand vacation club? That’s where a resale brokerage comes in. These resale brokerages help those who wish to sell their ownership. Ideally, the broker seeks to find a buyer who is willing to pay a fair price for the timeshare, and thus help ensure the sale will pass requirements for Hilton’s first right of refusal program. This is the only way that a sale can be successfully concluded, further pointing to the need for a skilled brokerage. Our brokerage will work hard to help maintain the value of our buyers’ properties by selling the ownership for as close to retail value as possible, while maintaining the sellers’ liquidity and ease of sale. The art of the timeshare sale is one we have quite a lot of practice with.

Why Buy HGVC Resale?

The first thing you should know about the Hilton resale market, is that the properties can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of buying at the presentation. You are purchasing directly from an owner, and therefore not covering the marketing costs that are charged when buying the account in a retail situation. You can see for yourself at our Hilton listings page.

Also, when purchasing with a resale brokerage, you can choose between many different properties for your home resort. We are happy to have a licensed agent consult with you regarding the best option for you and your family’s vacation needs.

Selling Timeshares, Inc. possesses a wide array of HGVC timeshares and HGVC Points for sale. If you require expert assistance regarding the specific Hilton resort that is best for your needs, or you have questions about buying or selling on the resale market, don’t hesitate to get in contact with one of our experienced agents that can advise you as to which one of the HGVC timeshares we have for sale is the best fit for you.

How To Get Started

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