Hilton Grand Vacations Buys Diamond Resorts: How This Affects You

11200 Points at Hilton Ocean Oak 2 Bed

It was recently announced that Hilton Grand Vacations has purchased Diamond Resorts. This news may have a significant impact on owners of both clubs. We’ll explain what is changing and what these changes mean for you.

Can HGV Owners Book Diamond Resorts? Can Diamond Owners Book HGV Resorts?

Currently, the two clubs are separate in the sense that owners can not book a reservation at the other club’s resorts using the points they currently own. Hilton did announce that there will be new timeshare products coming down the road that will integrate the two clubs together, rumored to be called HGV Max. At the moment no details have been officially released by Hilton.

ClubPoint Values Were Adjusted By 160%

One of the most notable changes is that Hilton has adjusted ClubPoint values to be 160% higher than before. Due to Hilton also adjusting the Hilton points charts proportionally that determine how many points it takes to make reservations at each resort, the amount of vacation time for each ownership will stay exactly the same.

For example, if you own a 1 Bedroom Grand at Elara in Gold season, you would have previously received 5,000 ClubPoints annually. Now, your ownership will be adjusted to give you 8,000 ClubPoints each year, but the points charts that show how many points it takes to book a 1 Bedroom Grand at Elara during Gold season will also be adjusted to 8,000 ClubPoints.

We have updated all of the points charts on our website to reflect the new point values.

Why Did Hilton Change The Value of ClubPoints?

The primary reason for this change is because Hilton wants to make it easier behind-the-scenes to integrate the club vacation clubs with one shared booking system. By adjusting the value of ClubPoints, the numbers more easily map to the points values used by Diamond Resorts. As new timeshare products become available, Hilton has hinted at a tight integration between the two vacation clubs.

Hilton Honors Points Conversions & ClubPartner Perks

Hilton Honors Points Conversions

Conversion Ratios Before Adjustment After Adjustment
Conversion Ratio for Immediate Hilton Honors Reservations 1 ClubPoint : 20 Honors Points 1 ClubPoint : 13 Honors Points
Hilton Honors Conversion Ratio for Following-Year Use 1 ClubPoint : 25 Honors Points 1 ClubPoint : 16 Honors Points
Hilton Honors Conversion Ratio for Following-Year Use (Hilton Club Only) 1 ClubPoint : 50 Honors Points 1 ClubPoint : 32 Honors Points

Hilton Grand Vacations New Elite Tiers

Club Points Levels for Elite Tiers

Membership Tier Before Adjustment After Adjustment
Standard 0 to 13,999 ClubPoints 0 to 22,399 ClubPoints
Elite 14,000 to 23,999 ClubPoints 22,400 to 38,399 ClubPoints
Elite Plus 24,000 to 33,999 ClubPoints 38,400 to 54,399 ClubPoints
Elite Premier 34,000 ClubPoints and Up 54,400 ClubPoints and Up

Diamond Resorts To Be Rebranded To Hilton Vacation Club (HVC)

Hilton Vacation Club will be the new sub-brand for Diamond Resorts in the future, with Hilton Grand Vacations remaining as Hilton’s top-tier timeshare product. This change will begin with the following 5 Diamond Resorts:


Bent Creek Golf Village

Scottsdale Villa Mirage

Ocean Beach Club

Mystic Dunes

Flamingo Beach

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