HGVC’s Most Used Terms

Common HGVC terms in article

As an HGVC club member, there are a few important terms you will want to be familiar with. Whether you’re choosing what resort to buy or planning for your future vacations, having an understanding of HGVC’s most used terms will help you easily navigate the situation.

Hilton Timeshare’s Most Common Keywords

Use Year

The anniversary when the timeshare ownership year cycles and your full yearly point amount replenishes. For HGVC, this goes by calendar year.


Points are used as a virtual currency used to book your vacations throughout the year. They can be directly redeemed for HGVC resorts, traded with RCI or saved until the following year.


A block of weeks, categorized by desirability, illustrating how many points it will take to travel to that location during that time. In the event of a trade, you will only be able to view inventory that rates the same as yours or lower.

Points Chart

Points charts are a detailed outline of the point cost of each resort, so you are able to purchase accordingly depending on your ideal location and time of the year. Points charts are a great basis for helping you decide how many points to buy.


Exchange describes when an owner trades their week or points in order to travel to a new resort of equal or lesser rating and gives accessibility to a larger network of resorts. Through trading their points, owners are able to visit various locations at times of the year they would not be able to otherwise, allowing more travel availability.


Owners have the option of borrowing points from their upcoming calendar year, in order to afford more desirable or ideal locations. Through borrowing points, this detracts from your next yearly allotment, so be sure to keep that in mind for future attempts to travel.


Refers to the ability to stockpile weeks or points to be used at a later time. This refers to points earned in the following use year able to be carried over to the year after. This can be utilized through either a trading company or by depositing your points within an exchange company such as RCI or II. With this, you are able to extend the lifespan of your points so you are able to book up to 24 months from when your points are deposited.


Save leftover points until the following use year instead of using them or letting them expire. This refers to the current use year until the following year. Keep in mind, with rescuing you are unable to use your points for Hilton hotel locations.

With these definitions at hand you will be able to comfortably manage your ownership, but if you have any additional questions or inquiries about your HGVC features, feel free to contact us.