HGVC Points Values Chart for RCI Exchanges


As an HGVC owner, you may want to trade in your points from your home property or season to visit another location outside of the HGVC resort portfolio. Fortunately, HGVC Points Values for RCI exchanges are straight-forward and easy to figure out. You can get your trade started by calling the Hilton Grand Vacation Club reservations phone number.

Pro Tip:
If you would just like to book another resort within the Hilton network, or another season at your home resort, you can refer to our Hilton Points Charts page. If you would like more information about HGVC and RCI trading, please feel free to contact us.

HGVC Point Values

RCI has a set points value for each room size and season in their exchange inventory. The cost in Hilton Club Points will range based on demand of the location, season or the size of room you wish to trade into. You can easily spend your annually allotted HGVC points, towards vacations at any of the resorts in the RCI inventory. The chart below shows how many points you will need to trade for your desired RCI exchange.

The point values are broken up into full week groups as well as weekday and weekend groups. This straight forward graph gives any owner an easy way to figure out exactly what he or she can trade for.

Club Points Values For RCI Exchanges