When Do My HGVC ClubPoints Get Awarded / Expire?

When Do My HGVC ClubPoints Get Awarded : Expire?As an owner, one of the most crucial facets of your ownership is your accumulated points. These are the backbone to your booking options, so understanding their lifespan and when your HGVC ClubPoints get awarded and expire can be an important benefit to you as an owner. Within this article, we will go over both the lifespan of your points as well as some important tips on how to optimize your usage of points to ensure you get the most value out of your HGVC Club Points.

When Do Club Points Get Awarded?

HGVC ClubPoints, Hilton’s premier club currency, are awarded to owners at the beginning of each use year, which for HGVC is simply the first of each new calendar year, January 1st. This makes budgeting for your trips very simple, as you can expect your points to be supplied to your account at the same convenient time each year. Each owner has the same use year timeframe, as it simply goes by the calendar year, so you can feel confident knowing that your use year specifications are identical with others across the board, which allows owners a more equal access to Club Season reservations and reservations types in which they would normally have the same time frame to book. Being a much simpler landmark to track, you also do not have to worry about keeping track of a personalized use year date. This is one facet which helps keep ownership convenient and conducive to those who seek simplicity with their timeshare ownership.

When Do Club Points Expire?

Similarly to being awarded your points, your ClubPoints will also expire at the end of each calendar year, so it is important to take that into account when planning your vacation. In the event you have leftover points, you are able to rescue your points, which will allow you to roll over any unused points to your following use year. This provides you with the ability to accumulate more points and not allow your current year’s points to go to waste. When rescuing points, bear in mind that you lose certain benefits such as using your points towards Hilton HHonors. However you are still able to use Rescued points towards Home Week and Home Resort reservations. Understanding what benefits you are able to take advantage of and how they affect your points is an important factor in budgeting your club currency.

Home Resort Priority Booking Window

With Hilton Grand Vacation Club ownerships, you are deeded to a home resort that you have a 3 month priority booking window at. You can learn more about this concept by reading our article about the home resort priority booking window.

Options for Stretching My HGVC Club PointsWhat Are My Options for Stretching My Points?

You have many different options for making your points better suit your needs, whether it be saving them or having more available to you right now. One option is borrowing, which allows you to take points from the following use year and apply them to the current calendar year. This provides you with additional points to work with when you go to book your property, which allows you to take advantage of different resorts or times of the year which you may not be able to book otherwise, depending on your annual allotment. Bear in mind that utilizing this option will take away your next year’s points, so be sure that you are sure that you will want to use those points early.

Another option for you is to deposit points. This allows you to take your next year’s points, and instead of using them for your current year’s vacation, you are able to store them for up to 2 years after the use year to which they belong. This is a great way to stockpile points for a large-scale vacation in your future, and allows you ample time to consider your travel budget for when the time comes. Both depositing and borrowing points have their own applicable fees, so it is important to confirm the cost to be sure it is also factored into your overall travel budget when booking your trip. If you have questions regarding the fees associated with stretching your club points, you are able to find the information within your Hilton Grand Vacation Club member guide, as well as our own free Hilton Buyer’s Guide. These will be invaluable assets to you when looking into the many different features of your Hilton Grand Vacation Club property.

 wrapping up HGVC Club Points ExpirationWrapping Up

With this better understanding of the timeline for your points, and how you are able to alter and extend that timeline, you should have more comfortability handling your yearly points and budgeting them accordingly. This can be a crucial step in planning and booking the dream vacation you have been seeking and can make you feel much more comfortable about your ownership and the rules of your club currency. If you have any additional questions on the lifespan of your HGVC ClubPoints, feel free to contact us to speak to a licensed agent.