How Timeshares Can Help You Have A Healthier Vacation


Now that the year is close to ending, and you’ve settled back into a daily grind, you are probably searching for ways to keep the health and weight loss spark alive. One of the best ways to begin a weight loss campaign is to start during a vacation! It can be a great time to break out of your normal (not-so-good-for-you) routines, and start some healthy habits, while having a fun time doing it.

“Health and wellness amenities are growing in popularity among timeshare owners…”

In a world with fast food on every corner of every American city, it can be hard to eat in a health-conscious manner when on the go. There are many travelers forced to eat less nutritious or higher calorie processed food for the simple fact of not having a fridge in their hotel room.

Timeshare owners know what it’s like to have a full kitchen in their own private condo, with all utensils, pots and pans that they need ready to go. With many timeshare resorts you are entitled to fitness centers and full-service spas, and those with restaurants are now presenting healthier menu options for their owners.

Howard Nusbaum, president and CEO of ARDA, said, “Health and wellness amenities are growing in popularity among timeshare owners, and resorts are now using these programs to attract new timeshare consumers unfamiliar that such vacation products exist.”

Each year, more and more people are exposed to the lifestyle that “timesharing” affords it’s owners. These ownerships have afforded our families many irreplaceable memories but have allowed them to maintain a relaxed, cultured and generally more balanced life. Dining options while traveling shouldn’t be limited to what can keep from spoiling on a counter-top. We all know fresh produce and lean meats are some of the healthiest options available, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your health to see the world!

I know that hearing this from a timeshare broker, you may not believe it, but when you buy a vacation ownership, it’s not simply a tool you put in your toolbox for a rainy day, or a shiny gadget that soon is replaced with the latest and greatest. It is a lifestyle choice. It is a way to provide the best you can for your family while traveling, and in many ways an investment in writing the story of your time on this earth.

So, how do you want your book to read?