White Week

A White Week is an RCI term which refers to a block of time at a resort that has medium desirability.

This is contrasted by Blue Weeks, which are low desirability, and Red Weeks, which hold the highest desirability available at a certain resort. White weeks can be beneficial to buy into in the event you want a fair amount of trading power and a vacation week close to the highest peak times, but do not want to dole out the money for a red week ownership.

In most cases, red weeks will be the more expensive timeshare ownership, but there are instances where white weeks can hold more trading power than a red week due to RCI’s ranking system being reliant on previous demand and owner feedback. This is important to take into account when purchasing a week primarily for trading power, as there can be some discrepancies between the trading power of certain white weeks.

Being sure to research this prior to finalizing your purchase will help you to ensure you are getting the maximum amount of trading power available with your property and week type, and are still paying within the price range that you are able to comfortably afford.

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