Use Year

The year in which a timeshare ownership will be awarded its vacation time or allotment of points.

Many timeshare owners have a specific amount of points or weeks available to them each year. Every club is different in how owners can use their points or weeks once they have been awarded. Once the year is over, the unused points or weeks will be gone to that user, unless your club allows you to bank, or rescue, them for future use. Your allotted vacation time can be sometimes be used up to 24 months after originally being awarded for the most lenient vacation clubs.

With Hilton Grand Vacation Club (HGVC), owners can rescue their points and use them in the next year or convert them for use at the many Hilton hotels across the globe. Hilton owners also have the ability to pull from the following use year to have more points in their current year. This allows you to book a bigger unit size, or even take multiple vacations throughout the year. For example, during the 2014 year owners can borrow from 2015 in order to use more points than what otherwise would have been available without buying another timeshare property.

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