Up-Front Fee

Any payment that is required to be paid by a seller in order to use a resale company’s listing services.

Never pay an up-front fee to sell your timeshare!

Up-front fees can be also called:

• Title Searches

• Listing Fees

• “Good Faith” Deposit

• Any other creative thing someone
that wants to take your money will call it

This type of payment structure gives the company no incentive to actually find you a buyer, or sell your ownership for a fair price. In most cases this is used solely by timeshare scams who pocket the fee and sit on the listing without making any attempt to sell the property.

When attempting to sell your timeshare, it is good practice to research and locate a resale company who offers free listings with no up-front fees, and no obligation to sell. This way you are still able to receive a fair price on your listing and are not paying out of pocket in the event the property does not sell.

If you have any additional questions about up-front fees or how to find a resale broker with no up-front fees, feel free to contact us to speak with one of our licensed agents.

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