A developer incentive program, designed to persuade presentation attendee’s away from buying a timeshare on resale for thousands of dollars cheaper. Read more about Travelshare.

The travelshare program is a developer’s incentive membership that is designed to entice people to purchase at the presentation for a higher price than resale market value. As you can imagine, Wyndham has to offer some rebuttal to the question “Why would I pay 3x or more for a retail account, when I can buy an account from an existing owner?” The only thing they can really say is that if you buy resale, you will miss out on the travelshare program. Due to the fact that the travelshare membership cannot be transferred to any party outside of the owner’s immediate family, if you ever needed to sell an account bought at full price, you cannot include those benefits. Effectively, you will be forced to sell for current resale market value at the time of the sale. With the exclusive WM Explorer Club, all benefits are transferrable to the next owner, whether it’s your heirs or a buyer.

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