Timeshare trading occurs when you trade or exchange your ownership for another ownership through private owners or with the use of a trading exchange company.

Trading your week for another one at a different location or week of the year can be a great way of getting variety out of your timeshare ownership. These trades can take place through your vacation club’s reservation system or with a third party company that specializes in trading and exchanging timeshare weeks. Interval International and RCI are the biggest companies that assist with trading and exchanging weeks for other timeshare weeks.

These trades can be handled by private owners or in conjunction with a trading company. Typically, the trades are based on fair market value of each ownership week. If there is a difference in value when trading amongst private parties, a monetary supplement may be insisted upon for the trade to occur. When trading with an exchange company, you will only be able to view inventory that is rated similar to your timeshare. Timeshare exchange companies allow owners to visit thousands of different locations when they trade in or deposit their own week.

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