Silver Season

Silver Season is a term that refers to a block of weeks during the year which hold a low desirability.

These weeks that fall within a given season can be fixed weeks or floating weeks. These weeks may be traded for weeks of similar or lesser value, but are unable to be traded towards a greater value such as a Gold or Platinum season ownership. Additionally, Silver Seasons tend to be the most affordable between the three, so they all timeshare owners the ability to save money to be put towards their travel budget as opposed to higher costs of a more desirable season. A primary reason that certain weeks may fall into a silver season would be that it is during a time that is highly off-season, such as a ski resort during the middle of summer, or a beach getaway during the winter time.

These off-season weeks may yield weather conditions not optimal for the type of timeshare resort you are buying into, but there are notable benefits associated with this. Outside of the low cost to buy in, you are able to avoid the long waits at premier restaurants in the area, as the tourist traffic will be much lighter. This can also apply to any tourist attractions outside of cuisine, such as theme parks and sightseeing.

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