Retail Timeshare

When timeshare developers and brands sell their weeks or points to the public at a presentation, it is known as a retail timeshare.

When a timeshare property is built, the developers need to sell the weeks or points for that property. Either the developer sells the timeshare themselves or they will become affiliated with or sell it to a larger brand such as Hilton or Marriott. The weeks and points that are purchased by the end-user from these developers are retail timeshares.

Many times, these retail timeshares are sold during timeshare presentations where a sales representative will present information about the property they are trying to sell. These presentations typically have a gift incentive for attending.

Because of the large amount of money it takes to bring in customers and to buy the presentation gifts that are offered, retail timeshares are more expensive than the resale market. Although, there is a difference between the retail and resale market for timeshares when comparing prices, in many cases, the product is exactly the same whether you buy resale or retail. Unlike a vehicle, where the value goes down because of use and mechanical integrity, retail timeshare owners and resale timeshare owners are using the exact same products.

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