Resort Directory

A Resort Directory refers to a general listing directory for all existing timeshare properties offered by each timeshare company.

This may also only refer to properties that are available through a reseller, which may not encompass every existing property. The directory normally contains an overview of each property, giving fundamental information regarding the individual units, amenities of the resort and nearby attractions or activities.

For a visual reference, our own Resort Directory has divided up the different timeshare companies into their own individual sections, and has split those up into sub-sections allowing customers to browse between properties, points charts or weeks calendars, and even FAQs. The resort directory also contains photos of the properties to give you a better visualization of the timeshare.

Most resort directories may also divide each of the properties and list them by state or country, allowing for more streamlined searching when browsing for your ideal resort location. Once you have located the individual listing, basic information such as the address of the resort and their phone number is provided for you, in the event you would like to inquire about the property with the resort itself.

If you have any additional questions regarding resort directories, feel free to contact us.

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