Resort Clubs

Resort Clubs are multiple vacation properties that have been incorporated into one reservation system, usually through points-based reservations, for the use of many different owners.

Resort clubs generally offer an experience much closer to the comforts of your home. Many vacation ownership condos feature full kitchens, in-suite laundry facilities, up to 3 separate bedrooms for extra privacy and much more. For the more health-conscious of you, a kitchen complete with all spices and cooking utensils will help you vacation healthier.

In the old days of timeshares you were stuck to 1 specific resort, and 1 specific week number for the entire time you own the account. Pretty boring, right? Can you imagine only vacationing to one place at one time for the rest of your life?!

Thankfully, many modern timeshares have adopted a much more flexible approach. They offer points-based reservation systems. This allows for many resorts to be linked together to form a vacation network or vacation club where owners can book at each other’s resorts without having to involve a third party trading company like RCI or Interval International. Also, owners of point-based vacation clubs are usually allowed to book whenever they want, as long as a room is available. Even multiple weekend trips are possible, as you don’t have to travel one week at a time.

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