Resale is the practice of a timeshare owner divesting in the timeshare an selling to a new owner.

In presentation situations, it’s common practice for attendees to receive a gift, designed to entice them into listening to a sales agent’s pitch. It’s estimated that it takes approximately 50-60% of the sales price of a retail timeshare to cover the marketing and sales costs incurred by the presentation model. An unfair side effect from this model is that the people who are pressured into the purchase, and buy without doing their homework, will pay all the expenses of the presentation. These customers are forced to shoulder the expense of the gifts that were given to the people that didn’t buy. All owners should have the opportunity of at least knowing the difference between retail and resale, especially before buying a timeshare at a presentation.

Buying a resale vacation ownership on the secondary market can offer a much more affordable, realistic way for everyone to get away, and do it in style!

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