Resale Value

The fair market value of a property sold on the secondary market from a private owner or licensed broker.

Timeshare companies such as Hilton or Marriott will sell their timeshare properties through the retail market by way of presentations. When an owner puts his ownership up for sale, they will do usually so by listing it with a licensed brokerage. Resale value is based on the current fair market value of the resale market.

The value of timeshares can greatly depreciate when compared to presentation prices. Ownerships can sell anywhere from 30 to 60% of theirr etail value. Even though there is such a drastic decline in value, owners of both retail and resale are using the exact same facilities when they vacation. Much of the cost of the retail timeshare ownerships are to cover the cost of marketing and their timeshare presentations.

The value of your resale ownership can raise and drop based on the demand of the week and location. If there are a lot of buyers looking for holiday weeks at a certain location, the value of the property will begin to rise. With more available product on the resale market, the value to begin to drop.

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