Quarter Share

An ownership where the owner possess one quarter of the property.

A quarter-share is commonly referred to as a fractional ownership, but keep in mind that technically every timeshare is a fractional ownership. Quarter share is the most popular fractional ownership.

When you own a quarter share, you own ¼ of a condo. That equates to 12 or 13 weeks of vacation annually. Developers are motivated to sell quarter shares because it only takes 4 sales to sell the entire condo. One common issue with quarter shares is that you may actually get too much vacation time. With some vacation clubs, your assigned set of weeks moves forward one week annually, so every four years you spend week 52 on vacation, and then you have to wait four more years to get New Year’s week again.

Fractional ownerships can be great for heavy travelers, but many others will want to explore points-based systems or even a floating week.

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