A verbal report using illustrative tools to sell a timeshare interest. Usually gifts are offered to a client for their attendance.

Timeshare presentations are how many brands / developers sell their retail timeshare ownerships. During the presentations, the sales representatives for the developer will explain and pitch the idea of a timeshare ownership to prospective buyers. More often than not, the presentation is focused on the specific location that they are currently presenting at. Presentations can last anywhere from one to four hours and can be hosted by one or more sales personnel.

These presentations are the main method in which timeshare developers make their sales, so they heavily invest in these presentations to get buyers to attend and purchase ownerships. In certain locations that have heavy foot traffic, pulling people off of the street is an effective way to get attendees. However, more remote locations take more than just a convincing conversation. Greatly discounted trips, gifts and other incentives are used to bring in potential buyers to the properties.

Presentations can be very taxing mentally and emotionally. They are designed to get you enthusiastic about timeshares and then use hard selling tactics to convince buyers to make a purchase. Not every presentation is the same but an overwhelming majority use high-pressure tactics to convince the attendees of the presentation to buy.

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