One-In-Four Rule

A rule adopted by certain vacation clubs, that states you are allowed to book a reservation at a specific resort only once every four years.

If you are booking your preferred location, you will be allowed to book reservations there as often as your weeks or points will allow. This rule is focused at the population of timeshare owners who are trying to book at a resort that is not their home location or with their own timeshare club.

This rule is in place to help ensure a timeshare club’s vacation inventory is allocated in a way that rewards owners who travel to their home resort.

Although there are other timeshare clubs that enforce this rule, we will use Hilton Grand Vacation Club as an example. For Hilton Grand Vacation Club owners, you cannot use RCI to book a HGVC resort more than once every four years. This rule excludes HGVC members that book through the internal reservation system. You can book as many times as your points will allow, when traveling to HGVC’s resorts.

For non-HGVC timeshare owners, you can book consecutive weeks through RCI, as long as it is at the same time. The key is timing and if you book at the same time, you can book multiple weeks in a row or through the year.

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