A synonym for maintenance fees, or other costs paid for use of the timeshare.

The term ‘fee’ tends to make people cringe but maintenance fees allow resorts to maintain the property year after year. Maintenance fees are the yearly payment that every owner must pay to be able to rent the timeshare property. Maintenance fees can either be spread out to all of the owners equally, or based on your deeded location or home resort. As the name suggests, the fees will cover general maintenance costs which cover furniture, exterior repairs, appliances, resort operating costs as well as replacing or fixing anything that goes wrong with the property.

These fees are regulated by the developers or the homeowners association in charge of the property. In many cases, owner-elected officials will be in charge of deciding what the fees are for the year. These fees are not set in stone and generally will rise through time with the hard costs of operating your resort or club. Due to inflation, the rising cost of virtually everything, it makes sense that these costs will rise from time to time.

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