Instant Exchange

A term used to describe an incentivized booking window, within 60-days or less of utilizing a reservation, which gives you a better value when trading with RCI.

RCI, II, and many other trading companies offer last-minute deals to help prevent units from staying empty. The fine print may vary, but the concept is the same for all clubs and exchange companies. If you book a short-notice trip (usually within 60 days of check-in), you will be able to secure the vacation at either a lower amount of points (or credits), or for weeks based ownerships, you can even find 2 for 1 deals.

So, generally, trading at the last minute using instant exchange offers a better deal. You will be able to book a considerable amount more vacation time for your deposit. For example, to trade WorldMark credits with RCI, you’ll normally use 10,000 credits to get a 2 bedroom. When booking with instant exchange, you can get the same reservation for 4,000 credits.

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