Home Resort

Your home resort is the resort that is listed on your deed. Points-based timeshares may have booking priority for reserving their home resort farther in advance.

For example Hilton Grand Vacation Club owners are assigned a home resort based on where their timeshare is deeded. Hilton Grand Vacation Club owners can still use their points to go to other resorts, but will be able to reserve their home resort 13 months in advance, rather than the 9 month in advance they can reserve other resorts within HGVC. This is the opposite of a pure-points-based vacation club, in that, there is an underlying deed for Hilton ownerships. For example, WorldMark by Wyndham doesn’t offer a deed and it’s transfer is more similar to a membership transfer than transferring a property.

Your home resort will also determine your tax and special assessment liability and therefore, your long-term cost of ownership. For example, a property in Hawaii will pay higher property tax than in Nevada. So be sure to strike a good balance between costs and benefits when choosing your home resort.

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