Home Resort Preference Period (HRPP)

The period of time 12-6 months prior to your deeded or right-to-use Hyatt Residence Club ownership week in which owners have the exclusive right to their own villa and week.

The Home Resort Preference Period is one of Hyatt’s three designated booking periods for owners. During the Home Resort Preference Period, Hyatt owners have the option to either use what they own or to convert to Vacation Club points. Owners who wish to use their deeded or right-to-use ownership week must confirm their reservation 12-6 months in advance; otherwise they will lose the exclusive right to their own villa and week.

During HRRP, owners have the ability to reserve their villa for the week they own (or any portion thereof) at their Home Resort. If reserving a partial week, the remaining portion will automatically convert to VC points. Alternatively, Hyatt owners can convert their week to VC points to reserve time at any available Hyatt Residence Club resort. VC points can also be used for exchanging with Interval International.

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