Holiday Club/Vacation Club

A holiday Club is a timeshare club who utilizes points-based reservation systems and generally does not carry a deed.

Holiday Clubs are designed to give more freedom to the timeshare owner with the use of points-based reservation systems. When you buy points or a unit within these clubs, you have access to all of the properties within that club to stay at based on the value or total number of points that you own. Rather than only being able to book one location or one specific week per year, you can spend your points to visit any resort in your network. For example, Hilton Grand Vacation Club is a points based program that gives the owner access to any property within the Hilton Grand Vacation Club list of properties. On a first come first serve basis, you might think it will be hard to get the most-desirable weeks/locations, but if you plan a bit ahead you’ll find plenty of availability. Even though Marriott’s older program of deeded properties and floating weeks were based on a specific property, it was relatively easy to trade your week for a week at a different location.

The Vacation Club is a basic rebranding of the original timeshare system with the addition of perks that would not have been available before. If you have any other questions about vacation clubs or other timeshare questions, feel free tocontact us.

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