Gold Season

Gold Season is a term that refers to a block of weeks during the year which hold a medium desirability.

These weeks that fall within a given season can be fixed weeks or floating weeks. These weeks may be traded for weeks of similar or lesser value, but are unable to be traded towards a greater value such as a Platinum season ownership.

You are able to trade with other Gold Season weeks as well as any Silver Season weeks, being that they hold lesser trading power than a gold week.

Gold Seasons can tread on similar times of the year to Platinum Seasons, so in the event that Platinum Seasons are outside of your price range, you can research Gold Seasons at various timeshare properties to find one that falls close enough to your most ideal week and buy into it.

Usually the last weeks of a Gold Season lead into the start of Platinum Season, so looking to book a later week during the season can get you close to the most luxurious time of the year.

If you have any additional questions in regards to any of the differing timeshare seasons, feel free to contact us.

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