Gold Crown Resort

A rating system devised by RCI, in which Gold Crown is the highest quality of amenities and location.

Each resort having a rating is extremely important for trading purposes. Exchange companies have to make sure you can only trade for a resort or location that is equal or below your week in desirability.

Trading power is one of the most important, yet overlooked, considerations when first time buyers are looking to buy a timeshare. Each resort carries a rating from each of the exchange companies, which gives you an idea as to how easily you will be able to trade, but there is more to trading power than rating.

If you choose to purchase an ownership in a very desirable location or at a desirable time, for example a week in Hawaii in the summer when the kids are out of school, you will have access to many more trades than buying something less desirable. Possibly a week at a ski resort when the slopes are more like a slushy than fresh powder, would not trade as well as one in peak or ‘red’ season.

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