Fixed Week

A fixed week timeshare will be assigned a specific week number that the timeshare can be utilized during.

The owner can only use the timeshare on their assigned week each year. This model of securing an owner’s week upfront each year enables you to know you’ll get your favorite week each year. This type of ownership was created with the vision of providing the owner the ability to not have to plan a trip each year. Because you don’t have the same flexbilty of a floating week or points, it’s usually a good idea to ensure you buy the location and time that you desire upfront. You will also have the ability to trade your week using exchange companies if you would like to travel to other locations or at different times of the year.

Floating and fixed timeshares use fundamentally different reservations systems than a points-based timeshare, which you read more about in the related terms below.

Click to view our timeshare calendar. It can help you understand what dates correlate to each week number so you can get a feel for what week number might work for you.

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