Fixed Unit

A Fixed Unit describes an individual unit within a property that a timeshare owner has bought into to stay at each year.

This is different from a fixed week, as a fixed week describes a numbered week that an owner is able to stay at each year. Fixed weeks do not guarantee that you are able to book the identical room that you had during your previous vacation, as it simply assigns a span of time at your home resort and not an individual unit.

Fixed units ensure that you are able to stay in the same room at the same location you have visited. This can be a benefit in the event you have paid for a specific room type, such as one including a balcony or ocean view.

It can also be helpful in the event you require certain accommodations to stay at the resort such as pet-friendly or wheelchair accessibility accommodations. This is a benefit for buying into a fixed unit as opposed to a floating unit, which are not on a fixed week but do not ensure you the same room.

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