Five Star Resort

A 5-star resort is the highest official rating that a resort can receive based on the facilities and the resort experience as a whole. A Five Star resort is the highest designation in Interval International’s resort rating system.

There are many different organizations that are in charge of placing these ratings on hotels and resorts. There is no universal standard and each country or organization has their own criteria for what is considered 5-stars. The ratings can also be in the form of using diamonds or a letter grade A through F. All of these ratings or grades follow the same principle that each step up is a different class of hotel.

What Makes it 5-Star?

5-Stars infers that it is a luxury hotel. All 5-star hotel have the same basic parallels of quality and services offered. 24-hour reception, turndown service, doorman, concierge, ironing service (within one hour) are some of the criteria of a 5-star establishment. Cleanliness and staff are also rated and held to certain standards.

Above and Beyond

The ratings of a 5-star resort are based on a minimum requirement. Many resorts go above and beyond for their guests. This does not give the resort a higher rating although there are some hotels in Europe that claim to be a “7-Star hotel.” This is not an official rating and is probably used for just promotional use.

With internet and social media connecting the entire planet, it is easy to find reviews and ratings of any resort or hotel that you wish to visit. Every resort is different and if you would like a free consultation, feel free to contact us.

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