Timeshare exchange describes when an owner trades their week or points in order to travel to a new resort or gain availability.

Trading enables owners to travel to resorts that they do not own, and at times they would not normally be able to book.  For example, trading allows someone who owns in Hawaii on week 34 to go to Las Vegas on week 15. Trading companies like RCI and II have become popular choices for timeshare exchange.

Trading your week or points for another location can be easy if you have a desirable week. Generally the owner pays their exchange company yearly membership dues, as well as an exchange fee based on whether or not the reservation being traded for is domestic or international.

When calling the exchange company to trade, the owner will ‘deposit’ their week into the system, prior to finding the reservation they want. Many points-based ownerships offer what’s called ‘confirm-first’, which allows the owner to search the exchange company’s inventory prior to depositing their points.

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