Exchange Fee

A fee paid to an exchange company such as RCI, or Interval International at the time of each trade.

RCI charges $159.00 if your destination is domestic, and $199.00 if your destination is international. This fee is paid in addition to the points, credits or week(s) that you are trading, as well as the exchange company’s annual membership fee, which is $89 for RCI, and II.

Total Annual Costs for 1 Domestic Trade with RCI: $89 Membership Fee + $159 Exchange Fee + Week, Points or Credits = $248.00 + the amount of maintenance paid for your week, points or credits.

Keep in mind other exchange companies may have different pricing models. Some trading companies, such as SFX, even offer the ability to trade with no membership fees.

Also, read about Instant Exchange, which can help you get a better trade-in value for your week, points or credits to maximize the amount of vacation time you get for your trade.

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