Exchange Company

Company that helps timeshare owners facilitate trading their week or points for another time of the year or location.

There are 3 major exchange companies, which have created agreements with multiple resort developers to allow owners at one resort, or with one club to exchange with owners at another resort or who possess a different week number. The most popular 3 are RCI, II and SFX. Currently, RCI offers over 6,000 different resorts across the globe to trade your interval with. II is about 2,000 and SFX isn’t far from that.

A common misconception is that one owner is literally swapping, or trading, their week with another owner. In reality, an exchange company takes in weeks or points as deposits, and lets it’s members pick amongst the inventory of other owners’ deposited weeks. This means the exchange company acts as a buffer between you and other owners, in more ways than one.

Trading companies often charge yearly dues, as well as per-trade fees which range from $150-$250 per trade.

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