The entity that sells a vacation club’s points / weeks or the company who originally built the vacation club’s resorts.

Long ago, it used to be the developer was the company who built the resort, but now there it is common to see a resort enter into an agreement with a big name hospitality brand, who can then market their resort more effectively. For example, HGVC is comprised of over 45 different resorts, yet only 10 of them were built by Hilton directly. This can be a great deal for both the big brands and small resorts that enter into these agreements. Allowing a huge brand to elevate the visibility and thus marketability of the resort on a level that could not normally be achieved, as well as allowing the brand to extend their vacation club network, and allow their guests to utilize more resorts or locations.

The developer, such as Hilton or Disney, is in charge of marketing the vacation ownerships and usually hold presentations to convince timeshare buyers to buy their particular club. Developers set the current retail prices that are charged at the presentations.

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