Depositing points means to store points or weeks that have accrued for the next calendar year, also allowing them to be used for a greater period of time than normally allotted.

With Hilton Grand Vacation Club, depositing next year’s points allows you to use them the year after at any Home Resort or Club reservations, but will not be usable for Hilton HHonors. This is a nice benefit for stockpiling points for future trips, as you still retain all of the booking features your ownership initially provides.

Additionally, you are able to deposit your current calendar year’s points into RCI’s banking system which will allow you to take advantage of their exchange’s inventory. This is a good benefit if you prefer to trade with your points / weeks as opposed to booking at your own home resort, or at a resort within your own ownership club. Also, depositing in this manner can be referred to as banking.

This differs from rescuing in the HGVC system, which applies to points from the current use year, rather than next year’s points.

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