Deeded Property

Deeded property refers to a timeshare property that carries an underlying deed.

A deeded property is legally deeded to the owner, as opposed to a club membership. Many modern timeshares do not feature a deed.

There is no tangible benefit to having a deed, and it can make the transfer of ownership more complicated. When transferring a deeded timeshare, the deed will need to be rewritten, and submitted to the county for review. This requires the skill of rewriting deeds. Some county’s will have special rules or conventions for the structure of the deed, so usually an experienced closing company is employed to make the transfer process much simpler for the buyer and seller.

In some cases, the terminology “deeded ownership” is used interchangeably with “weeks-based timeshares”, or to describe the opposite of points-based ownerships. This is somewhat incorrect in that a deeded ownership doesn’t necessarily use a weeks-based reservation system. For example, HGVC uses a deeded ownership and a points-based reservation system.

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