Day Use

A benefit of timeshare clubs that lets the owner use the resort’s amenities without booking ahead.

This feature is great if you happen to live locally to your timeshare. The benefit allows you to drop by and use the pool for the day, utilize fitness/business facilities or take advantage of a family games room all without using your previously allotted vacation time. In many cases, resorts are no longer offering day use, in an effort of making sure owners can enjoy accommodations when on their allotted vacation time. But if your resort does offer it, day use is just a small cash fee, but may even be complimentary depending on your resort’s rules.

Check up on day use rules before purchasing an ownership, or expecting to get this feature. Many timeshare clubs have gravitated away from day use, but you might get lucky and find a property that still includes it. Just don’t expect your Hilton or Marriott ownership to allow for this.

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