Check-In Time

Check-In Time is the earliest time of the day you can check-in for your reservation.

Due to the fact that many units are turned over to a new owner the same day someone checks out, there is a time period between the reservations that’s used for cleaning the unit. You will have access to the unit only after the check-in time. In most cases, if you do not arrive on your check-in date, your reservation will still begin, and your check-out date will not be adjusted.

The perpetual maintenance of the property is essential to upholding a high standard of accommodations for you and your family. This is why it’s so important for each resort to have a set check-in time, essentially to allow the last guest to check-out and a cleaning of the unit to take place. Most resorts check-in time is from 1-4pm, but all resorts should offer to hold your luggage while you enjoy a meal, or get acquainted with your new surroundings while your unit is readied. Dependent on the current occupancy level of the resort, they may accommodation an early check-in, but don’t ever count on this.

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