Bonus Time

A feature of WorldMark by Wyndham timeshares that allows owners to pay a very low cash fees for short-term, short-notice stays.

As a WorldMark owner, you can pay 4.8 cents per credit (minimum of $30) that you would normally use to take your reservation as long as the vacation is booked within 14 business days or closer to check-in.

So let’s say you’re driving through the Oregon Coast, and you need a place to stay tonight or in a few nights time. Sure, you could call the Vacation Planning Center and reserve a unit using your WorldMark Credits, but this may interfere with your normally scheduled trip, that you and the family take every year. This is a perfect time to utilize the bonus time feature.

So you look online to check if there are any WorldMark locations close by and you find WorldMark Gleneden isn’t far. The maximum amount of credits it would take to stay at this resort for one night in a 1 bedroom suite is 1,100 credits. That’s in red season, staying Sunday night. Please note, you can stay for as little as 450 credits in Blue Season, staying any day from Mon-Thurs. To figure out how much this reservation will cost you, all you have to do is multiply 4.8 cents by the 1,100 credits it would take to stay there. This brings the total cost for the reservation to $52.80, in the most expensive night available!

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