Blue Week

Blue Week, or Blue Season refers to RCI’s term for a low-demand week at a timeshare property. A span of time falling under a blue week generally has the lowest occupancy rates, compared to other times of the year.

These weeks tend to be the lowest in terms of desirability and as such, can only be traded with other blue weeks. Their low desirability can be due to the time of year in correlation with the type of resort, such as a ski resort during the summertime. This is the equivalent to a green week under Interval International.

Blue weeks also tend to be the most inexpensive properties. By purchasing a blue week as opposed to a Red Week or White Week, you save a noticeable sum in comparison. Blue weeks work well in the event that you are on a tight budget when purchasing your timeshare ownership, or if you do not mind taking your trips during seasonal downtimes, and don’t mind off-season vacationing.

Being that week blocks simply refer to the span of time you are able to vacation during the year, purchasing a blue week does not necessarily mean that the resort itself will be a low-desirability location. You are still able to book a blue week at a luxurious timeshare location and enjoy the same amenities that all weeks can enjoy.

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