Banking has to do with saving points, or weeks, to be used later. This can be achieved without utilizing a trading company, but often RCI or II is used to preserve the week or points in question.

Also known as space banking, depositing your points with an exchange company such as RCI or II can extend the life of you week or points. These company’s allow you to book a week from their inventory for up to 2 years from the date that you deposit your week or points. Keep in mind, you just have to book the week before 24 months. Both RCI and II will allow you to book up to 13 months in advance, so if you’re pushing it, you could be traveling on time that you deposited over 3 years ago.

Banking can sometimes refer to your vacation club’s internal banking system. Many high-end points-based ownerships allow you to save, or bank, your points in your account for 2 years. This is without depositing to an exchange company or paying a trading fee. This booking window of 24 months within your own club will allow you to keep your points if you can’t travel one year, or simply save your points up for a longer trip or bigger unit size.

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